Dundalk Plaza

Situated at the intersection of Merritt Boulevard and German Hill Road, Dundalk Plaza has easy access to the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), Key Bridge, the Harbor Tunnel and the Fort McHenry Tunnel. The Dundalk area possesses a densely-populated, stable residential community. With its wealth of commercial and industrial companies located nearby, Dundalk Plaza is an ideal site for retail businesses.

1401 Merritt Blvd. & German Hill Road
Dundalk, MD 21222
Regional Access
I-95 to I-695 to Merritt Boulevard
Total Square Feet
Dundalk Plaza Aerial view of Dundalk Plaza
Dundalk Plaza View 2
The Oekos Group of Companies - 5565 Sterrett Place, Suite 404, Columbia, Maryland 21044 - TEL 410.740.5057 FAX 410.740.2610